GSAPP Incubator

The GSAPP Incubator is a launch pad for new ideas and projects about architecture, culture, and the city. Drawing on Columbia GSAPP guest lecturers, discourse, and studio culture, the Incubator hosts and encourages a wide range of experiments initiated by recent Columbia GSAPP graduates. Targeted projects combine action with discussion at the levels of the university, the city, and local ways of life. The GSAPP Incubator offers a platform for entrepreneurship and expanded modes of practice. Yet it is distinct from other incubators and co-working spaces in several ways. The Incubator includes the humanities as well as the sciences. It involves critique and discourse as well as action and technology. It generates deep thinking as well as concise elevator pitches. And it uses measures of success beyond profit and growth. The Incubator is anchored by alumni members and projects, and it is part of a broader ecosystem of Columbia GSAPP research and production. The Incubator is directed by Assistant Professor David Benjamin (‘05 M.Arch) and located at 231 Bowery, as part of NEW INC, the world’s first museum-led incubator created by the New Museum.

Sponsoring Entity: GSAPP


Contact: Agustin Schang; [email protected]