Cyber NYC

Cyber NYC*, a $100M public-private partnership led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, connects cyber investors and innovators to New York City’s robust university ecosystem with the goal of catalyzing the next generation of cyber startups. The Inventors to Founders (I2F) Initiative is designed to launch new cybersecurity startups sourced from dorm rooms and research labs at premier academic institutions.

Launched in Summer 2019, I2F is an early stage startup accelerator and talent network for NYC cybersecurity startups. I2F is developing targeted programs and funding structures to catalyze the commercialization of cutting-edge research and development of academia-affiliated startups in New York’s cyber security ecosystem.  A joint venture between Columbia University and the New York City Economic Development corporation, the I2F program is the early-stage launchpad for the Cyber NYC’s $100M initiative.

*The program is currently on pause, but we hope to restart in the future.

Sponsoring Entities: Columbia University, NYCEDC


Contact: Daniel Goetzel, [email protected]